Where to Find the Best Organic Dog Food for Your Four-Legged Friend!

With people starting to think healthy about what they choose to eat it’s no surprise that the trend has moved to include man’s best friend – our dogs. But how can you find a good and safe organic dog food for your friends to eat and stay healthy? Read on for some excellent references on how to introduce organic dog food to your household and where to find the best deals!
The first thing to consider is making your own organic dog food – there are sites and recipes that will allow you to do this, but remember that human food is not the same as dog food – you can’t just substitute the same organic foods that you are currently eating for your dog and consider it to be equal in vitamins and nutrients! As well you may not have the time or inclination to spend, so consider these sites and organic dog food brands for addition to your household!

Newman’s Own Organics has a special brand of organic dog food that includes organic brown rice and soy. Available in both dry and wet format, this food can be found at many pet food stores and even in the major chains, making it much more accessible for the pet owner. While you may find it a bit more expensive than the usual canned food at your local store I consider the time and effort placed into creating a quality product for my pet a needed expense at this time. And with it available on the same shelves as the generic dry brands that you have no idea what’s really inside, well… Newman’s Own Organics is an excellent choice from a famous company with the time and money to put into researching a good and safe organic dog food for your pet!

If you’re really concerned about what’s in your organic pet food, head on over to Natura Pet Products at www.naturapet.com for the ultimate in organic dog food. A variety of brands is available here for dogs at various stages of their lives, including those who may have sensitive digestive systems. The Karma organic dog food also has the honor of carrying the USDA seal of approval on each and every bag, containing 18 organic ingredients including free-range chicken, meeting the highest standards at the moment for organic dog food. Again, the pricing is a bit high but depending on what you want and need for your dog you may consider it an investment in your pet’s future.

Purchasing organic dog food doesn’t have to entail changing your lifestyle and purchasing new kitchen hardware and spending hours grinding up food. These companies have excellent products available on the shelves of your local pet store or in your veterinarian’s back room to allow you to shift your dog’s diet to a safe and healthy organic dog food to create a better and more enjoyable life for you and your pet!

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