Top Three Dog Breeds that Travel Best

My husband’s work requires that he travel and I often travel with him. We have two dogs, and they go everywhere with us. When we chose our dogs, we looked at different breeds to try and figure out which ones would travel best. I will list the top three that we found to be most adaptable to travel – the first two breeds were our choices.

The Brussels Griffon-This little dog is small weighing in at about 9 to 12 pounds. They are sturdy, inquisitive, and quite adaptable to new surroundings. Native to Belgium, their original purpose was as barn dogs and were used for vermin hunting. But they soon became a favorite of the coachmen, and it was common to see one of these little dogs perched on the seat next to the driver. Even back then they loved to go places! Known as the “monkey-faced” dog, their captivating face at times has an almost human understanding to it. They are highly intelligent and easily trained. While they are not “yippy” like most small breeds, they will bark at strangers or let you know someone is at the door. As a traveling companion, the “Griff” is a natural choice.

The Maltese-Of ancient origins, the Maltese (native to the island of Malta) has long been coveted by royalty. At one time only the wealthy could afford these little dogs. Their original purpose was as a lap dog. They were bred for their beauty, small size, and sweet dispositions. Today the Maltese is one of the favorites as family pets and companion dogs. They are alert, intelligent, curious and playful. The Maltese have a beautiful white silky coat that does not shed. Their large black eyes seem to take in everything around them. And I would swear that our Pippa is smiling at me sometimes! They weigh 4 to 5 pounds and are easy to carry as they seem light as air. Adaptable and easily trained, the Maltese is a delight to travel with.

The English Bulldog-As the name implies, this breed is native to England. At one time the English Bulldog was used in the sport of bull-baiting but has since been bred to be companion dogs. And they are truly lovely companions. Their sweet disposition, slow ambling gait, and loving nature have made them one of the top choices in companion dogs. But this breed is a medium sizes dog, so if you plan to travel with the Bulldog, you will need a little more room in the vehicle for him. Once on the road, this lovable fellow will find a comfortable place next to you on the seat of the car and will sleep most of the trip. Provide plenty of water, and a cool place for your “Bullie” and they will be happy. If you are traveling alone, the Bulldog can act as a protector for you. Not because they are aggressive but because their fierce countenance gives them the look of aggression causing strangers to be hesitant about approaching. When in new surroundings the Bulldog makes himself right at home and does well in a small area such as a motel room or RV.

When deciding to bring a dog into your family you have a lot of things to consider, lifestyle being one of those. Since travel is a way of life for us, we researched the different breeds before making our choice. We travel with our Brussels Griffon and our Maltese with complete success. Often we are in hotels or motels, and we have never had any complaints. Always remember that when walking your dog on your host’s property you should take along baggies for picking up after your pet. Always leave your room and the grounds clean. Our hosts have been very appreciative of this, and we will often stay at the same hotel when we return to their city …. and we are always welcome!

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